4 Football Roulette strategies to apply at your next casino game!


Football roulette has always been a casino favorite. However, in recent times – it has been stealing the spotlight in online casinos. A soccer fan or not, there’s no chance you don’t enjoy betting on a classic shot, albeit with some real cash. However, do you know the correct strategy to enhance your winning rates? Also, are you picking an authentic gambling den to get access to the maximum benefits? Topping it all – do the myths around football roulette constantly burden you? 


It’s time to end it all! Let’s give you a detailed winning strategy and the key factors to pick the correct den for formulating the same. Also check out other casino games, their success rate and comprehensive guide on https://othellonia.net/.


What strategy to use in football roulette? 


As you already know, how fast-paced the Home(A) or Away(B) card game is, especially when you are applying the Martingale strategy (we will talk about it in detail), it is no wonder why this game is a global casino preference. With over 277 outcomes at a single throw, there are supposedly 11 draws to check out. Also, in terms of monetary value – the concerned result can lead up to 3 wins, with a 46% each chance of a Home or Away win. 


That does seem to be quite a high rate. Taking that into consideration, let’s see the strategy that will work best for this game – 


#Strategy 1 – When applying the Martingale strategy – 


  • You will have to keep trying to double the last bet you lost until you win it. The idea is not simply to win this bet but to incur the costs of the previous losses as well. 
  • Always try opting for patterns like – Odds/Even or High/Low. 
  • If you are betting 1 Pound, opt for bets like 1,2,4,8,16, and so on. 
  • Make sure that even if you lose up to 9 bets, your last bet gives you a bankroll of 1023, thereby bringing you a profit value of 1. 
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#Strategy 2 – If you are going for the Reverse Martingale strategy –  


  • This categorically works in a reverse manner, wherein you must increase your bets while winning. The moment you win the first shot, you go in for doubling the next bet. 
  • Next, go in for picking a sequence – a 4 would be a perfect sequence to talk of. So, when you go for the order – 4, 8, 12…automatically, your bale out amount comes to 15, with the maximum loss amounting to 1! 


Thus, this ‘minimum loss’ rate makes this strategy one of the go-to ones when it comes to picking up a shot at football roulette. 

Though the Martingale and its reverse forms are the most-opted in football roulette, you can still look at the other set of strategies you may use. 


#Strategy 3 – Opt for Labouchere format –  


  • Alternatively known as Split Martingale, this works on – increasing bets on losing. 
  • Use the sequence – 1-2-3 and then end with 4 – so that the final shot works in a summation of 1 and 4 – totaling 5! 
  • What’s surprising is – in case of loss, the sequence remains 1-2-3-4; in case of a win, the sequence goes 2-3. Therefore, the winning shot is quite big! 


#Strategy 4 – The D’Alembert form – 


  • Here, you will have to minimize your bet by 1 on winning the shot and increase the bet by 1 on losing the shot. 
  • With a minimal bankroll, you will have to maximize your shots and tone down your losses. 


Pick out any of the strategies that you are comfortable with. As per experts, they are all match-winning ones! 

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How to pick that authentic gambling site? 


Now that you have some winning strategies, it is crucial to pick the authentic gambling site that will enable you to use them correctly. So, let’s check out ways to pick that gambling site – 


  • Check out the promotional offers and bonuses that gambling sites offer. It must not be too much (that is a cause of suspicion) but also not too less. 
  • Will they allow you to choose your strategy (those mentioned here), or do you have to stick to the formats they follow? In that case, there are chances that your win/loss will be pre-determined and not according to fair rules. 
  • Also, check the license of the site and the security covers they provide. With your money involved, there’s no chance you would want to compromise on security measures. 


Remember – The casino you pick is crucial to ensure you win at the football roulette. 


What myths to give a miss? 


If you want to win – you have to quit the myths behind: 

  • You must stick to a singular betting style. 

That’s not true. You may use multiple styles for different games.


  • You can easily beat the house edge. 


You may think that with different betting styles, you can beat the house edge and end it. That’s not how it is. House edge being in-built, can be at maximum lowered, but not more. 

  • The roulette is rigged, and past results can determine the future shots. 
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Understand for a fact that each shot at the roulette (whichever version you play) gives a new answer that is not connected to previous results.


Last thoughts 


As you have seen how football roulette has been ruling the online casino charts globally, it is without a doubt that you must capitalize the same as a lover of casinos. With the abovementioned strategies, you can ideally pick out more than a single win online and gather some quick cash. On a parting note, choose a secure casino that matches your requirements. 


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