The Top Strategies for Pleasurable Bottoming with Escorts

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At first, bottoming or anal intercourse may seem challenging. However, in reality, it is pleasurable and exciting. If you don’t have any experience in anal sex, hiring an escort might be helpful. But before experimenting with a professional escort, here are some strategies that you must know. 

The Evolution of Anal Sex 

A few years ago, butt sex was a deal-breaker for women. It was an entirely off-limits scenario. But nowadays, anal sex is gaining steady prominence among men and women. Most people opine that anal sex can be mind-blowing addition to your love life. 

Women typically think that anal sex is a precursor to vaginal sex, which is true in most cases. Moreover, men can derive immense pleasure by indulging in bottoming with their partners. Anal stimulation requires patience and skills. 

If you are itching to get a taste of this type of sexual practice, hiring a professional escort will be ideal. Being professionals, they know how to help you reach the zenith of excitement. One of the key reasons to hire an escort for anal sex is that you will learn the basics. 

For instance, anal stimulation requires your female partner to be fully relaxed and lubed. This will help both of you to get screaming orgasms. Escorts will also teach you the use of sex toys in anal sex. It is great for all genders who want to explore their sexualities. 

Come Prepared for Anal Sex 

Bottoming is not something that most people are familiar with. But the skipthegames escorts are experts in all types of anal sex practices. Professional escorts use enemas to get rid of the waste matter from the anus and let you enjoy it properly. 

Note that the tissue surrounding the anus is pretty delicate and can tear easily. So, you have to be careful when penetrating the escort from behind. If you face any type of difficulty, it is always a good idea to communicate with the call girl. 

Understand the Intricacies of Anal Stimulation 

We still don’t discuss anal sex openly. So, you have to learn the intricacies of bottoming properly to enjoy it properly. The anus is an erogenous zone and has numerous nerves. In simple words, it is a sensitive area that requires careful attention. 

During anal sex, you mustn’t hurry. Comprising soft tissue folds, the anus can expand once you penetrate your penis. So, penetration in slow motion can be helpful for you to get maximum stimulation. 

Foreplay Sets the Tone for Bottoming 

Foreplay is an integral element for any type of sex, and for bottom, it can make the experience smoother. Besides regular fondling or kissing, you must focus on the anal area of the escort. Usually, the call girl will guide you through the warm up before anal sex. 

But you must know about the foreplay tactics to get intense orgasms. Caressing, touching, or messaging is a good option if you are just starting with anal penetration. 

Build Up Pace Gradually 

Excitement can often get the better of you while having anal sex with an escort. Refrain from rapid penetration as it will hurt the escort. During anal sex, it is vital to use lubes to get the desired lubrication. 

Start slow and gradually build up the pace while penetrating the escort. The gradual pace will help you have orgasmic sex with skipthegames escorts. 

Finding the Right Position is Crucial 

If you have issues with a specific position, consult with the escort. She will help you penetrate her anus in the perfect position. When the context is about anal sex, finding the proper position is the key. You can have anal penetration while the escort is lying on her stomach. 

You can also let the escort be on the top so that she can control the speed and thirst. Being more experienced, the escort will help you climax multiple times. 

Professional escorts know how to use their muscles to satiate your carnal desires. For instance, she will tense up the sphincter muscle to provide you with good friction. 

Anal sex can be a great way to unwind and let go of your sexual reservations. Having anal penetration with an escort lets you learn numerous aspects. If you want to get the most out of anal sex, hire an escort from Ladys.One. You will only get screened and verified escorts from their platform. 


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